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A bias for action – on all fronts

Statue of a Man on His HorseThough our experience as lawyers is diverse, at Strawn Pickens LLP each representation shares a common purpose — we believe that every case should be prepared with the view that it will go to trial. Our attorneys have tried dozens of cases to jury verdicts, and have a level of courtroom experience that is unusual among today’s commercial litigators. We have also handled numerous arbitrations, as well as many appeals in both state and federal courts.

The firm’s guiding principle is that success in a case ultimately depends on the lawyer’s strong presentation of the client’s cause to both the judge and the jury. We want our clients to win at trial – because we know that when our clients succeed in the courtroom, our practice succeeds right along with them.

Stay nimble. Stay focused. Get it done.

FountainThe firm’s approach to litigation is efficient and focused – in recognition that bigger does not always mean better. On the contrary, being smaller can allow a firm to be more nimble and responsive, and to avoid inefficiencies that can occur when an organization becomes too large. But — though a small firm — we enjoy handling the big cases that require long-term planning, careful organization and a proven courtroom presence.

We also take pride in zealously representing both defendants and plaintiffs, because we believe that bringing cases for plaintiffs makes us better defense attorneys (and vice versa). We avoid an “assembly line” approach to litigation, which can churn out the same arguments from the same side of the docket time after time. Instead, we understand that each case is different, and that putting the client’s interests first means being creative and adapting to the circumstances at hand.

Our strength is in taking a complicated story and making it simple, so that our clients become part of a clear, straightforward presentation to the court. Again, our view is that every case should be prepared as if it will go to trial, and that we, as lawyers, will introduce our client to the jury at the end of the day. The bottom line is that being ready, willing and able to go to trial will result in a better outcome for our client — even if the case does settle.

This attitude, combined with a talent for cracking complicated facts and the difficult legal issues, make our firm a great choice for clients involved in high-stakes commercial litigation.

Strawn Pickens LLP — attorneys with the brains to figure the complex issues out, and the street smarts to take a difficult case to the jury.

What we do not do

Building with Flag AtopOur attorneys do not believe that cases should be staffed according to costly leveraging practices. Too many attorneys on a file can muddy clear thinking and impede progress. Too many attorneys can delay getting to the important matters quickly. We eschew the “paralysis through analysis” approach to law. We believe that unneeded discovery imposes excessive costs on clients — in terms of both time and money. Resources are better directed to focusing in quickly on what really matters to the client’s position, and what really will move the client’s case across the finish line. Accordingly, we prefer to plan with the client what discovery is required to put the case in the best possible position, and we welcome (and encourage) client involvement in developing an efficient path toward resolving the dispute.

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